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We use smaller vehicles to provide eaasier access, less fuel and fewer emissions.

Specialists in piano removals all over the UK and Europe

The piano taxi way:
Protective custom cover, custom van with tail lift & protective straps.
We specialise in stair jobs and we have trained staff just for moving pianos.

Providing professional and hassle free piano transportation
for over 30 years to the UK and Europe

Pianotaxi have been moving pianos for over 30 years. Our trained staff and equipment will pick up and deliver your piano safely in an enclosed lorry with a tale gate lift. All pianos are sheeted with quilted covers and for grands we use a grand sledge.

Piano dealers also recommended us their clients when they move house, as not all house removal companies undertake piano removals.

Pianos are extremely heavy!

The average upright weighs from three hundred to five hundred pounds, full-size uprights at about seven hundred, but sometimes as much a thousand pounds. Grand's vary from about five hundred to a thousand pounds, a concert grand can weigh as much as thirteen hundred pounds.

Save yourself a hernia and let the experts move your piano.